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Teaching & Coaching in Photography

Esther Quelle Photography

"After 35 years of experience in photography (and teaching) I would love to share my knowledge with you!"  


 Esther Quelle

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Fashion Photography Academy

My background in Fashion, Teaching and Photography is a unique combination that guided me to this path to share my knowledge with a newer generation, because there was no such platform, guided by a professional, with an expertise in all those three areas.


Professional Travel Photographer

My background in Teaching, Photography and 20 years of working all around the world as a Professional Travel Photographer myself, let me to a path to share all my knowledge to a newer generation, who want to have the same adventurous lifestyle as I have.

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Private Teaching
& Coaching

"The meaning of life is
to find your gift, 
the goal is to give it away!"

Are you looking for some guidance to improve your photography? Maybe to learn more about technique, maybe to find your own signature. 

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