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Esther Quelle uses the camera to show how she sees her environment in a specific moment.

For her, the best photographs are the ones that leaves something to the imagination.

Due to her background in fashion and design, she understands her clients' target audience and their specific needs and therefore she creates strong visual concepts that suit them well.


 ingezoomd liggend 2.jpg


Born in a teacher’s family, she first studied teaching after graduation from high school. She continued to study fashion and design,

before taking the next step into photography 15 years later.

Nowadays, she has been working as a professional photographer

for various brands and magazines for more than 20 years.


She was nominated in the category “Fashion and Beauty Photography” for PANL Awards (Netherlands) in 2001 and 2005 and got nominated for the international Black Spider Awards.

In 2009 and she had another 7 nominations for “Best of 10 years Miljonair Magazine” on her name.

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" You never get a second change
to make a first impression "


"I think it's in that first second that you grab someone's attention! Therefore photography and visual storytelling is such an important tool to represent yourself or your company.

By investing in this, you'll achieve more!"


Esther Quelle 




In addition to continuing to create beautiful and strong photography herself, her mission is to teach the younger generations, 

fashion photography at and  travel photography at

(starting January 2023).

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