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Just a fun page, to share some fascinations of mine...




Transparency is always something, that I considered as beautiful. This could be water, the sea. But it could be flowers, or the wings of a small beautiful animal. It could be even be a metafoor for somebodies personality. Every "body" and everybody's personality is filled with layers. We all have different kind of layers inside of us, physical and spiritual/mental. 



I love shadows. Shadows reflect something mysterious. It will add abstractions in the photo. A shadow is something you can't catch". The symbolic value of shadows that it is the opposite of light, and without light, there's no shadow, but no photography either.

EQP_Zwitserland_030413_0049 duo.jpg


Abstract - patterns

Repeating patterns, all kind of, can be very interesting in your picture. It will direct your eyes to follow the pattern. Probably, my background in designing dessins has a played a big role in these fascinations. 



Never get the same effect twice in each shot you take,

is something that fascinates me. Chasing after the unexpected! Little surprises, every time you check your photo, like I use to have in the dark room in my early years when I was experimenting with solarization.

travel photographer photography course.jpg
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